Knowing Where to Begin

We all face our own unique adversities, and at times, life’s stressors can be overwhelming.  The demands of relationships, family, work or school can be difficult to navigate.  Sometimes these challenges leave us feeling anxious, depressed, doubtful or “stuck”.  Knowing where to begin, or how to cope in a more effective way, can be daunting.  I understand that reaching out for help is not always easy, and takes courage.

The counselor-client relationship is a crucial piece of the therapeutic process, so it will be important that you feel comfortable working with me.

My approach is centered around meeting my clients wherever they are on their individual journey.  I understand that this can look very different for different people.  Though it sounds simple, feeling heard and validated can be the first step to promoting the change you want in your life. Through active listening, respect, and collaboration, I aim to create a safe space where we’ll work together to achieve your individualized goals.

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